MPRP Research Project Objectives

This material is based upon work
supported by the United States Department of Agriculture
under Grants No.2002-34481-11930, No.2004-34481-14513, No.2006-34481-17126.


Further Evaluation of a New Precision-Fed Chick Assay for Determining Amino Acid Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy of Feed Ingredients for Poultry
U of IL — Parsons

Evaluation of Energy Values of Various Oil Sources When Fed to Poultry
ISU — Persia

A Comprehensive Assessment of Aviary Laying-Hen Housing System for Egg Production in the Midwest
ISU — Xin

Fractionated Clostridium Septicum Antigens for Turkey Clostridial Dermatitis Vaccines
U of MN — Foster

Studies on Pathogenesis and Immunity to Turkey Clostridial Dermatitis
U of MN — Nagaraja

Modeling Amino Acid Requirements for Turkeys
U of MO — Firman

Regulation of Duck Breast Muscle Growth and Development
OSU — Velleman

Impact of Non-Antibiotic Treatments for Prevention of Coccidiosis on Gut Inflammation and Integrity in Broilers
Purdue — Ajuwon

Does Formulation on a Digestible Basis for Amino Acids Make Productive and Economical Sense for Laying Hens?
Purdue — Applegate

Osteoporosis in Egg Laying Strains of Chickens: Early Pre-Pubertal Exposure to Mechanical Loading
Purdue — Hester; Garner