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Florida Poultry Federation - Layer,Broiler,Assn./Univ.,Turkey
Iowa Egg Council - Assn./Univ.,Layer
Iowa Turkey Mktg. Council - Assn./Univ.,Turkey
Michigan Allied Poultry Ind. - Layer,Broiler,Turkey,Assn./Univ.
Midwest Poultry Federation - Assn./Univ.,Broiler,Layer,Turkey
Minnesota Turkey Council - Turkey,Assn./Univ.
Nebraska Poultry Ind. - Turkey,Layer,Broiler,Assn./Univ.
North Amer. Gamebird Assn. - Assn./Univ.,Duck/Pheasant
Ohio Poultry Assn. - Assn./Univ.,Broiler,Layer,Turkey
South Dakota Poultry Ind. Assn. - Turkey,Layer,Broiler,Assn./Univ.
United Egg Producers - Assn./Univ.,Layer
University of Florida - Assn./Univ.
University of Minnesota - Assn./Univ.
University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Assn./Univ.
Wisconsin Poultry & Egg Ind. Assn - Assn./Univ.,Layer,Turkey,Broiler